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BTS International Fan Project 4th Debut Anniversary

BTS International Fan Project 4th Debut Anniversary
Date de début: 10/05/2017 à 10:00
Date de fin: 15/05/2017 à 13:00
Adresse: Seoul, South Korea

Please make sure to add all your ARMY friends and let me know what you wanna do for the guys!

You can post your ideas into this event or talk to me in private by adding me <3 I hope we'll have lots of fun!


Hey guys~ ^.^

My name is Aiyo and I am an ARMY from Germany! Recently I thought a lot about what to do to express my love for the boys of BTS and I thought about gathering as many ARMYs from all around the world, to start a fan project, for the guys. Their third debut anniversary draws near, but one month could be too less of time, since we all got our private and real life as well and I don't want to set us all under any pressure. So maybe wait until their fourth anniversary and make it even bigger?

I thought about mixing DVDs for the guys. And I imagined the whole thing to be like this: I would like to call out to every ARMY around the world to do something for the boys. A drawing, cosplay photos, dance covers, vocal covers, own song lyrics to one of their songs, poems, something you always wanted to tell them (like a personal message for them) and anything related to BTS that comes to your mind. As soon as it's all sent to me I will care about the rest. I have several companies I can order all the video material to be produced to DVDs. We will get some cool covers for sure. I wanted to make seven "boxes" and two DVDs per box, so enough ARMYs can show their beautiful, adorable faces to our boys :3 I am sure they'd like it better so see their fans than just hearing them~ If any of you is talented, you also can do covers for the DVDs yourself! That would be awesome! :) Maybe we could try to personalize each DVD box. So, the box for Jimin will have much Chim-Chim-Hotness in it and so on ^^ What do you think?
You also can do memes or funny vine compilations for them. It all comes on the DVDs for their eyes to see! Any drawings, own lyrics to their songs, fan arts, cosplay photos, meme photos or maybe funny picture stories will be printed in extra books that will come each with the seven DVD boxes. At least, this is how I thought about it. If you have any ideas for this project, don't hesitate to let me know! :3 And of course you all will be named when your material comes on. Looots and loooooots of credits :D

If I will get enough response, I will create a FB group for the project, so we all can coordinate the project better. I will personally talk to all of you about the material you send to me, so we all can make sure, that your own ideas for possible editing or placement will be considered. I hope many of your will participate! Let's make it a big surprise and let's make it big! Let's make the boys smile and let's make them happy! Fighting, ARMY!


I am not that kind of a fan, that gets ways too hyped and going crazy over the boys appearance. I don't only like them because of their looks and their cuteness, their aegyo or their sexiness. I am not a sex-appeal-buyer like so many others. I love the boys because I see them as very unique humans with all their goods and bads, their humour, their love for their fans and for their music, their sense of responsibility and I respect them and admire them a lot, because they work so hard and would give their last for us. I just want to show them, that we all care for them too! It's important for an artist to see from time to time via those projects, that the fans care about them just as much as they care for their fans. And they work so so hard! Let's show them that we can put the same effort into making them happy as they put so much effort into making us happy

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Seoul, South Korea

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