Sujatha Diyani theme song

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'Jewel in the palace' is a world's famous and top rated Korean TV show and as well as it's a true story of that country. It has been screened most of countries in the world and it has been dubbed by many languages. These days it is telecasting in Sri-Lanka with 'Sinhala' language (Sri-Lanka's main language). Sri-Lanka Rupavahini TV Co-operation has done a great job to this and they have titled this as 'Sujatha Diyani'. That's a Sinhala term and they have made an awesome Sinhala theme song as well according to this original rhymes. I am looking that song to upload and it will be coming soon. KEEP IN TOUCH! Jaya Sri! (Look down for lyrics!) Korean lyrics: Onara onara aju ona Gadara gadara aju gana Nanari daryeodo mot nonani Aniri aniri ani none Chorus: He-i-ya di-i-ya heiyadara nino Ojido mothana daryeo gama Eiiya-diiiya eyanara niro Ojido mothana daryeo gama English translation: If asked to come, will he really come? If asked to leave, will he really leave? Even after waiting for countless days, we will not be together Nay, nay, it is nay Chorus: Heiiya-diiya heiiyadara nino You cannot come, so take me instead Eiiya-diiya eiyadara niro You cannot come, so take me instead

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