Jorge Perugorria aka Pichi [ Havana Cultura ]

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Jorge Perugorria, Cuba's most famous actor, lives in Santa Fe, on the outskirts of Havana, in a house that reflects its owner's multi-faceted creative endeavors as well his readiness to throw a good party. Paintings — Perrugorria's own work and that of assorted friends — take up the available wall space. In the step-down bar off the main living room, you'll find a Steinway grand piano, a drum set and lyrics to a Carlos Varela song that was "born in this bar". You'll also find ample evidence that Perugorria is a family man. Steps leading from his garden down to the sea are inscribed "Pichi y Elbita", "Pichi" being his nickname and "Elbita" being a nickname for Elsa María Lafuente de la Paz, his wife and the mother of their four children.

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